Our Mission, Approach, Principles

ADAPT is dedicated to empowering individuals with alcohol, drug or gambling concerns, and their families, to manage these concerns and lead more fulfilling lives through the provision of comprehensive assessment and treatment services, corresponding to need.

Our Approach

The approach we take to helping our clients or family members make changes with respect to alcohol, drug or gambling issues is based on the best available knowledge and research. It involves the use of a range of evidence-based treatment modalities that conform to best practices. Although best practices are never static and evolve over time to reflect ongoing research, key components of our approach to treatment include the Stages of Change model, Motivational Interviewing and Harm Reduction. Our client-centered treatment model focuses on individual strengths and needs, resulting in treatment plans that are tailored to the individual circumstances. It is important to note that clients and families are actively involved in determining their own recovery and care.

We have developed a number of specialized programs at ADAPT to meet the needs of under-served populations and to fill gaps in service. This process involves working in an integrated way with a variety of service partners in the community. Inter-organizational collaboration of this type allows for program development that is accessible and relevant to the unique circumstances of our various service users.

Our Principles

The services that ADAPT offers reflect, and are based, on the following core principles:

  • Service will be accessible
  • Service will be flexible
  • Service will be comprehensive and responsive to the needs of individuals, families and communities
  • Service delivery will involve and be shaped by various community partnerships in an integrated manner
  • ADAPT will be respectful of human dignity and rights
  • ADAPT will be accountable to those it serves