Our Mission, Vision, Values


ADAPT is dedicated to empowering persons with alcohol, drug, gambling, or behavioural addictions, and their families, to manage these concerns and to lead more fulfilling lives through the provision of comprehensive, evidence-based services, corresponding to their individual needs.


 ADAPT envisions an addiction prevention and treatment system which is increasingly accessible, flexible and comprehensive. We envision a system built on collaboration between health care providers, which supports coordinated and integrated care across all sectors. We envision health care that evolves through the voice of the consumer, and continuously reduces barriers, service gaps and inequities.


In delivering our services, ADAPT will be guided by the following values and beliefs.

ADAPT values and believes in:

  • Treating every individual with dignity and respect
  • Providing a welcoming, inclusive environment, which supports anti-racism and diversity
  • Delivering services in a manner that is emotionally and physically safe
  • Designing our services with input from our clients and their families, people with lived experience, community health partners, and other stake holders
  • Providing services that are accessible, flexible, confidential, voluntary, and client centered
  • Being responsive to the unique needs of our clients, their families, and the communities we serve
  • Evaluating and adjusting our services through continuous quality improvement and feedback
  • Being accountable to those we serve