Adult Programs

Assessment, Treatment and Referral Services

The Adult Core team provides counselling and support to adults 25 years and older who are concerned with their substance use.  Counselling services and group support is also available to significant others and family members affected by the behavior of a loved one. Our committed team of counsellors provide access to clinical support services with minimal wait times.  To book an appointment please contact our main intake line at 905-639-6537 ext. 0.

After calling and registering with Intake Staff, you will be given an appointment with an Addiction Clinician.  This appointment gives an individual and clinician the opportunity to explore the impact of substance use on all areas of their life. The results of this assessment are used to determine the severity of the individuals use and to identify their strengths, challenges and goals. The clinician and individual will develop a personalized treatment plan based on the client’s unique situation.

Service/Treatment offered:

  • Screening/Intake & Assessment
  • Global Assessment of Individual Needs (GAIN Q3)
    • A comprehensive assessment often needed to access residential services
  • Individual Counselling (GAIN Q3)
  • Group Counselling
  • Internal/External referrals
  • Referral to inpatient residential treatment and other appropriate services (detox etc.)
  • Educational workshops and support for significant others, family members and friends concerned with a loved one’s substance use

Adult Core Groups Offered