Opioid Outreach & Treatment Services

Opioid Outreach and Treatment Services bring together a team of dedicated clinicians offering a wide range of services across Mississauga-Halton to those who are using opioids, and to their families/significant others.

Our Mission:

To foster hope and provide comprehensive, person-centered, holistic services to those affected by opioid use.

We understand that people begin using opioids for many reasons and that, for some, this may begin to feel unmanageable as time goes by.

Our Services:

  • Individual counselling and support
  • Clinical nursing assessment and care
  • Peer support
  • Help to access additional treatment and support services
  • Education and support to cope with chronic pain
  • Support with stress and mental health issues
  • Information about Methadone and Suboxone treatment
  • Education and support for family members and friends concerned about a loved one’s opioid use
  • Help with related issues such as: housing, finances/income, legal issues, work & school

Our Approach:

All services offered are confidential. We understand the sensitive nature of the services we provide and value your right to privacy.

Our mobile outreach team can arrange to meet you in a safe location of your choice, or at our offices.

Our services are designed from a harm-reduction perspective which focuses on enhancing your health and well-being by preventing or reducing opioid-related harms.

Call to book an appointment at our main intake line.