Family & Friends

ADAPT offers individual and group counselling/support to those who are affected by someone else’s alcohol use, drug use, or problem gambling. ADAPT has found that the best way for family and friends to gain the support and knowledge they seek is to first attend one of our comprehensive workshops – individually designed with information specific to their concerns. If additional support is required after attending one of our workshops, individual counselling services can be arranged.

*The person you are concerned about does not need to be a client of ADAPT in order for you to access our services. All workshops are free and completely confidential.

Family and Friends Audio Information Package (Adult)

ADAPT has created an audio information package containing a series of information recordings and accompanying PDF documents.  The package outlines ways individuals can support themselves and other family and friends who are coping with the effects of a loved one’s substance use.  The 90 minute audio package covers the six topics: substance use addiction and mental health; tolerance dependence withdrawal; stages of change; communication; boundaries; and resources.  APDF outlining major points accompanies each session.  The package is available by contacting the ADAPT Intake Desk at 905.639.6537 ext. 0.

Family Day Workshops (Problem Gambling)

This workshop is designed to provide education about the effects problem gambling has on others. The workshop helps loved ones prepare themselves and other family members/friends to cope with these problems and to aid them in clearly identifying their role in addressing a gambling problem. Counselling is intended to provide assistance in effectively coping with the individual by working on relationship issues that may be related to gambling behaviour and/or gambling addiction treatment and recovery. The group format provides an opportunity for loved ones to gain support by sharing experiences with other families/friends in similar circumstances. *Currently offered virtually*

All information is fully confidential, and the problem gambler does not have to be a client of ADAPT for a family member or friend to attend.

Family Processing Groups (Concurrent Disorders)

CD now offers a weekly family support group (offering education and processing), and these groups run once a week, one int he day and one in the evening.  These groups are designed to provide a safe, nonjudgmental place for family members to receive support on a regular bases.  *Currently offered virtually”

Parent Education Group

ADAPT provides parents and caregivers of youths up to the age of 24 with the opportunity to become involved in a 5-week discussion and education group.  The goal is to achieve a greater understanding by education parents and caregivers on the issues involved with the youth and substance use, while providing strategies to help support the family.  Topics include adolescent development, the role of alcohol and drugs in the meeting the needs of youth; drug and alcohol education; relationship building; communication, and developing consequences and boundaries. *Currently offered virtually*

Opioid Friends and Family Group

This is a six-week Psycho-educational group for those concerned about the opioid use of a loved one.  Topics covered include: understanding addiction, opioid outreach and treatment, building healthy relationships, understanding opioid withdrawal, treatment options, overdose prevention and self-care. Open to anyone in the community.  *Currently offered virtually*