Community Justice

ADAPT is pleased to offer a variety of Community Justice programs to youth and adults, providing assessment, counselling and case management services. Along with supporting the individual involved in the criminal justice system, assistance can be provided to the family or caregivers.

If you would like more information on these programs, please call 905-875-7498.

Extra-Judicial Programming (EJM and EJS)

Extrajudicial Sanctions (EJS) is a program that gives young people (ages 12-17) an opportunity to accept responsibility for their actions and to make amends by completing certain tasks, after being charged with an offence. This option is available to the courts instead of a formal proceeding through the court system. The Crown Attorney must agree to the youth enrolling and participating in the program. An individualized assessment of the referred youth is completed (including feedback from Parents/Guardians) that reviews the youth’s home, school and/or work, interpersonal relations, and health realms of their life.  The young person then agrees to the sanctions (tasks) assigned and the time frames allowed to complete them. This contract holds them accountable for their actions, while helping them recognize the impact of their behaviour on the person(s) harmed and their community. The youth’s strengths and needs are targeted to create an individual program resulting in a benefit to both the youth and their community.

Extrajudicial Measures (EJM) is a program that gives young people (ages 12-17), who are willing to participate, an opportunity to accept responsibility for their actions and to make amends by completing certain tasks.  This is an option available to police instead of laying a formal charge. Involvement with ADAPT may be one of the tasks assigned as part of the EJM contract and usually consists of 5 to 6 appointments.  Involvement is immediate, time limited, and ADAPT communicates with the Halton Region Police about the youth’s attendance and success. Participants are expected to call and set up their initial assessment appointment.

Youth Justice Program

This program provides screenings, assessment and counselling services to young people involved with Halton Youth Justice Services who are experiencing issues related to drug and /or alcohol use. These referrals are initiated by Halton Youth Justice Services.  Support is also provided to family members of the young person.

Probation and Parole Program

ADAPT also provides alcohol/drug use and problem gambling assessments for probation and parole clients as required by a court order and/or parole certificate. These screenings, in conjunction with the Probation and Parole Officer, determine the level of service required to meet the counselling condition of the order. Services include group and individual counselling and referrals to community programs/services tailored to the needs of the individual.

Drug Court Program

The Halton Drug Treatment Court (HDTC) is a judicially-supervised drug treatment and rehabilitation program for offenders whose criminal conduct is motivated by drug addiction. The HDTC program is expected to take 9 to 12 months to complete. Participation is voluntary and includes an application and screening process by the Federal Crown Attorney’s office and the Court Liaison worker. Once accepted, ADAPT is the lead provider to address the substance addiction and the individual is assigned an addiction worker.

Safe Beds

Safe Bed is a short-term residential bed program (Mental Health & Justice Beds) providing individuals living with mental illness with recent or current involvement with the criminal justice system with a 30-day stay with onsite 24-hour supports to assist in resolving the current crisis and creating strategies for long-term interventions.

Referrals are made by Halton Regional Police and admission to the program is based on a screening with Safe Beds program staff.  Canadian Metal Health Association (CMHA), Supportive Housing Halton (SHH) and ADAPT work in collaboration to provide individuals with a service delivery model that is comprehensive.  If the individual is in need of addiction services, the ADAPT Safe Beds Addiction Worker will be assigned to provide services.