Privacy, Personal Information and Personal Health Information

Privacy, Personal Information and Personal Health Information

ADAPT is committed to providing each individual that we serve with fully confidential health care. All clients of ADAPT have their personal information and personal health information protected under the Ontario Health Information Protection Act.

The Ontario Privacy Health Information Act requires that:

  • All personal health information collected by the agency is considered fully confidential and is not released to a third party, without the expressed consent of the individual to whom the information pertains, or unless required by law.
  • All notes and records kept by the agency and/or your ADAPT counsellor are stored and protected in a manner that meets or exceeds the legislative standards.
  • All clients have access to their personal/ personal health information. The agency will release a copy of, or any portion of the record, upon that client’s written request.

Heath Records are created and maintained to ensure the best possible standards of care. They facilitate the recording of a thorough assessment of need, the establishment of clinical goals and the tracking of progress made in the treatment plan. Your personal/ personal health record can also support any requests or requirements for information related to your participation in services and plan of care. They are an important tool to aid you in making informed decisions about your health.

You have the right:

  • To access or obtain your Personal Health Record in whole or in part;
  • To consent to the disclosure of your Personal Health Information;
  • To refuse, place limits on or withdraw consent;
  • To request the correction of information within your Personal Health Record.

In some cases, information released from an ADAPT health record requires the involvement of the ADAPT Privacy Officer. Should you have any questions, comments or concerns related to the privacy of your ADAPT health information, please speak directly with your counsellor or contact the ADAPT Privacy Officer:


Phone:  905-639-6537 Ext 400


ADAPT Privacy Officer

#203-165 Cross Avenue,

Oakville, Ontario,


Should an ADAPT client have privacy questions/concerns that are not satisfactorily addressed by the ADAPT Privacy Officer, he or she may contact the office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario:


Phone :  1-800-387-0073


Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario
2 Bloor St. East, Suite 1400
Toronto, Ontario
M4W 1A8

ADAPT meets or exceeds all standard as set out in PHIPA (Personal Health Information Privacy Act, 2000) legislation

All services are completely confidential and require signed consent in order for information to be released, except where mandated by law.