Youth Programs

Youths aged 24 and under (and those who support them) who are affected by substance or alcohol use can access our programs or parole:

Days Ahead

  • Full assessment of a youth’s drug and/or alcohol use and its impact on relationships, education/ employment, legal, leisure, physical and emotional health
  • Counselling for the youth and his/her family
  • Services available for young people affected by someone else’s substance use
  • Additional referrals as required to meet client needs
  • Community support and education

Services are available in : 

Burlington & Oakville: 905-639-6537
Milton, Georgetown, Acton: 905-693-4250

Know the D.E.A.L (Drugs, Education, Alcohol and the Law)

  • An Oakville, Milton and Halton Hills project funded by the United Way
  • For youth identified by school personnel and/or caregivers
  • Individual assessment prior to the start of group; and exit interview upon completion
  • A 4-session workshop informs and teaches skills that improve positive, healthy decision-making related to substance use
  • Parent support is provided throughout the program with referrals for further supports available

Services are available in:

Oakville: 905-691-0029
Milton, Georgetown, Acton: 905-691-2669

Transitional Aged Youth Outreach Program (TAY)

  • Active outreach support to assist young adults, with or without mental health concerns, in overcoming homelessness, unemployment, and limited education to address their substance use
  • Flexible schedules to accommodate clients
  • Programs are also available for parents and caregivers

Call 905-693-4249 for more information.

Triage Program

Consultations are available for concerned individuals to problem-solve specific situations. Anyone may call for this service to 905-639-6537 ext 0 or 905-693-4249.