Programs & Services

Services are available for ADULTS and YOUTH. For information on a specific program for family or friends, please refer to that program selection on the main menu.

Assessment, Treatment and Referral Services (Adult)

ADAPT’s addiction counsellors provide ongoing support to clients who are struggling with their substance use. We are pleased to offer both harm reduction and abstinence-based approaches to substance abuse issues.

Problem Gambling & Behavioural Addictions

ADAPT provides alcohol/drug use and problem gambling assessments for probation and parole clients as required by a court order and/or parole certificate. The assessment results in an individualized treatment plan tailored to client needs.

Days Ahead Program – Assessment, Treatment and Referral Services (Youth)

The Days Ahead Program assists individuals under the age of 25 by assessing their situation as it relates to drugs and/or alcohol (either their own use, or that of a family member). Part of the assessment will be to explore the impact drugs and alcohol has had on areas such as relationships, education, legal, recreation, physical, and emotional health. Once an assessment has been completed, a treatment plan will be developed that may include individual counseling, group work and external referrals to other services within the community. The Days Ahead program also works with parents and siblings who have been impacted by the substance user through education about substance use, dependence, and addiction; as well as providing support and strategies to cope with issues within the family. Consultation services are available for concerned individuals to problem solve specific situations. Anyone can call for this free service.

Community Justice Programs

ADAPT is pleased to offer a variety of Community Justice Programs to youth and adults. These programs include assessment, counselling and case management services. In addition to supporting the individual involved in the criminal justice system, assistance can be provided to the family or caregivers. If you would like more information on these programs, see “Community Justice” or call the Program Manager at 905-864-5042.

Know the D.E.A.L. Program (Youth)

Know the D.E.A.L is a psycho-educational program designed for youth in Oakville and Milton who are involved in the Halton Region Police Services Diversions program, or those who have been identified by schools as having drug/alcohol offenses. In addition to drug/alcohol assessment, counseling and education services, the program also provides services to parents/guardians of any young person referred to the program. Referrals are accepted from either the Oakville/North Halton Diversions Program or Oakville and Milton schools. This program is funded through the generous support of the Oakville and Milton United Way.